Day 5 Unplugged

It was tough to dive back into work today since this past month has been filled with travel, and things out of my usual routine. Not only did I dive into emails, phone calls, and docHalo texts for work, but I also got right back into the middle of the grief work that I do with families in hospice care. It’s been tough.

This morning, while getting ready to go into work I did spend some time downloading some podcasts from the IF:Gathering. Because I spend so much time in my car during my day, I enjoy listening to books or podcasts. It beats listening to the radio most days. Although I didn’t actually listen to any today, I had them uploaded and ready to play.

Coming home from work I was exhausted. I was happy to put my phone down and connect with my family since I’ve been gone so long. I definitely feel like this journey to unplug has been a good one because I am more present with my kids and husband, and because of that I actually feel more energized even when I’m exhausted.

I recognize that my life feels more enjoyable the more intentional I have been about eliminating the things that I most distract myself with. When I get caught up in the fast pace of life around me, I find myself going a little more crazier than I like to admit. In a world filled with a constant rush of media readily accessible, I am basking in this slower pace of life, and resting in the Lord. God even called for a day of rest when he created the Sabbath, and I do believe we were not created to be like the Energizer Bunny, but that we too need rest.



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