Day 6 Unplugged


When I started this journey of unplugging I had the brilliant idea that I would not use my phone in the car except for during the work hours and only for work, well that idea failed. Today I had to drive to Denver for a Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) Symposium. On my drive to Denver I had a conversation with a friend in my Spiritual Formation cohort who is my accountability partner in keeping one another accountable in living into our Rule(s) of Life. After our conversation, she was so great to say let’s set aside a time to talk that I am keeping you accountable to be unplugged while on my journey. Honestly, I have had two other phone conversations in my car since then, but I’m working on staying off the phone in my car… and yes… all those conversations were hands free.

The podcasts I uploaded to my phone earlier in the week came in handy today on my drive home from Denver. On the drive between Denver and Colorado Springs there is a section of the drive where I get terrible radio reception, so instead of having the radio on I was able to listen to a really great podcast on Being Fully Present in your Community. Listening to this was a great reminder of why I am on this journey to unplug. It’s about learning to be fully present with those I love.


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