Day 7 Unplugged


It’s been one week since I began my journey to unplug, and so far I feel like it’s been the best thing I’ve done in a while. There is a freedom in breaking my addiction to Candy Crush and 1010. I have been able to lift my head up and really enjoy the beauty of the world around me, and engaging with my family, friends, and deepening my relationship with God.

Tonight we had our 3rd annual neighborhood Fall Festival. I left my phone at home and got bundled up to go up the street to join our neighbors for food and fellowship. After three years of having this gathering, we realized that we don’t have everyone’s contact information and the only time we really gather as a community is for this one event. I decided to take it upon myself to make a little directory for everyone who lives on our street. Hopefully I will get it made sooner rather than later.

My daughter has really enjoyed playing with the kids who live at the top of our street, and just recently in this past week the kids have come to our house to ask if M could go out to play with them. My daughter’s face lit up with joy when she was invited out. I always loved as kid walking to my friends houses to see if they could play, I think that’s one of my favorite joys of childhood.

We also met our new neighbors who moved in directly next door to us. They have a little girl who is starting 2nd grade at my daughter’s school on Monday. M was super excited that there is a kid living right next door to us, she already asked if E could have a sleep over.

I really feel like my world has broadened by unplugging. Tonight many of the neighbors were saying they would love to have more gatherings like tonight’s more often. We talked about having our next gathering at Christmas, and hosting it at my house. Which would be especially fun if my husband has the wood fire pizza over fully finished by then.

I am blessed to have some great neighbors, and I hope that we can make more fun traditions like the Fall Festival and get to know our neighborhood more.



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