Day 8 Unplugged


This morning I woke up to my kids coming in our room and asking us to read Olga de Polga. I was thrilled that my kids didn’t come in and ask to watch cartoons. We have been reading this book as a family at night and it’s been great to snuggled in bed together and read as a family. I am grateful that my kids love books and I feel like as I unplug they too have been unplugging in different and subtle ways.

I’m laughing as I type this post today because I’m talking about unplugging but I’m still using my computer and typing about my journey. It would be really difficult to totally unplug, so I just want to clarify that my unplugging is limiting my use and my times but not completely avoiding technology.

I thought that unplugging would be difficult at first, but I really have found some freedom in it. The games on my phone were always a distraction… and an addicting one. If you have ever played candy crush or 1010 you know what I’m taking about. I could isolate myself for hours with that those games, and it really was not healthy.

A friend told me that the millennial generation has been the quickest generation to stay inside. When I was kid, I think I spent most of my time outdoors. I remember studying outdoors with friends on nice days, laying in the backyard and drinking iced tea, and stargazing at night. I love being outdoors.

When I think about my children and how I want to shape them, I am motivated to turn off the technology and get them outside. My daughter wanted to join Girl Scouts this year and I am thrilled that she is excited to earn badges and get outside for some adventures.

Unplugging has been a good experience for me and not only am I engaging more with my family, I feel like my life has slowed down to a pace that I feel less stressed and life is more manageable. The more time I have spent with God in the silent moments of my day I recognize that I am stronger when I lean into Him. The more I have moved away from the distractions in my life, the better I am able to see what is most important to me. This journey was not easy when I first began, but it feels like it has become easier with each day that passes.

I can do all things through Him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13

If you are interested in reading some articles on the Millennial generation and getting outdoors here are a few interesting articles you can read:

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