Day 9 Unplugged


Sunday, a day of rest, at least that’s what the Lord did after a full week of creation. I have always loved Sunday’s because I am with my family and friends, and enjoy spending time together. I did love hanging in my hammock outside, but now the weather is getting a bit more brisk for that. Most of all I love the silence in the house when we all have our down time after church.

Today was especially great because I left my phone in my purse on silent. Now that was unintentional since I forgot to turn the volume back on, and forgot about it in  my purse. My phone might not have been “attached” to the wall, but it was definitely in a remote place lost in the abyss called my purse.

Today I woke up feeling rested, and I think a big part of that has been powering down in the evenings, getting to bed at a decent hour, and having a full night sleep. I have always said my ideal bed time would be 7:30 pm and my ideal wake up time would be 7:30 am. I love my sleep, and I often feel I don’t get enough. I have never understood how some people can manage to function off very little sleep, but I guess that is where coffee helps to jump start the body.

I wonder what it was like to live before electricity. I’m sure people often went to bed closer to sundown, and they probably didn’t stay up late busying themselves with other activities around the home. Sometimes I wonder if I could experiment with my kids and not turn on any lights after dark and see if it helps us all to go to bed earlier. If I ever try that, I’ll definitely share my results. But in the meantime, I am off to bed.



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