Day 10 Unplugged

Today marks the 7 year anniversary since our car accident. I like to call this day our celebration of life, since paramedics were not expecting survivors from our car. I truly believe God had his hand on our car that day protecting us from what could have been worse.

Today had a somber tone for me, and I spent a good deal of my day in my head with my thoughts, and I can’t say they were all pleasant. Sometimes my mind circles on what could have been, and I have to stop myself from traveling down that path.

Recently when I was in Texas, I was with my three best friends who were all here supporting my family on that terrible day seven years ago. I am blessed to have such close friends who have experienced life’s ups and downs together. While I was with one of my friends, I shared with her how one of my hospital memories was waking up in the crazy hours of the night and seeing her sit beside my bed reading her Bible. She showed such great strength that day and was able to pray when I could not.


I thought of that memory today as I was thinking about my conversations with God, and how sometimes I think more about my conversations that actually spend time in the Word and talking with God or simply listening. Unplugging has helped me to slowly get myself to a place where I can spend more time with God and not just thinking about Him. I am slowly finding ways to reconnect with God during this time of unplugging.


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