Day 12 Unplugged


I have a written Rule of Life that is something that I try to live into each day. After this last retreat with my Fuller Formation cohort, we were partnered up with another person in our cohort to help keep one another accountable as we strive to live more into our Rules of Life.

This morning, I spent an hour talking with my friend in Pennsylvania as we shared in a morning walk in our own neighborhoods. I had been looking forward to this phone call all week. Now, I know that I said part of unplugging would be to pretend that my phone is attached to my bedroom wall, but this my exception since it’s a time to share and pray with one another as we live our a part of each of our Rules of Life with is simply to be moving/exercising in some way.

As I shared with my friend about all the chaos in my life she pointed out that the one stable thing seems to be my family. She encouraged me to focus on what is stable in my life and not what is chaotic. At the beginning of September I began this experiment of putting my phone aside when would get home from work so I could be more intentional with my family. I feel like my world has been spinning so much that I have not been able to see where God is strengthening me and my relationship with others.

My daughter and I have spent more time together, and as a family we read books together at night. I feel so much more present the more intentional I have been about unplugging and focusing on those people who matter most to me. So this week as I continue to unplug, I am going to try to focus on the places in my life that are stable, and pray for God to open my eyes to the stability rather than the chaos, and open my eyes to peace instead of stress.

Last Sunday we attended my friends church and one thing I gathered from his message was that God wants me to thrive. I may be in a season that feels out of control, but it is only a season and God desires so much more for me.


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