Day 14 Unplugged

As a part of my Rule of Life I have been trying to get out more and spend time walking with God. This week I feel like my life is finally getting back into some rhythm and I have been able to get up early and get a good walk in before I go into work. I have a pretty good walking buddy named Roxy and she likes to venture out with me. img_2821

Today I spent a good portion of my walk with God praying and listening. When I began this journey to unplug,  it was with the intention of setting aside distractions in my life so I could focus more on my family, and God.

The past two weeks I feel I have been successful in strengthening my relationships in my family and with God. The more time I spend focusing on God and leaning into him for guidance during this season, I recognize I am finding more joy throughout my day and feeling less stress when I am at work.

The other day the weather in town had a high of 54 degrees. Normally with cloudy weather I feel down knowing that the season is changing, and I tend to focus on the fact that I don’t like the cold, and that often the season change reminds me of our car accident. But that cold day was different. I felt this nostalgia for windy days, dark clouds, layering my clothes and getting ready for Winter weather. I know this joy is a joy that comes from God, because normally when left to stew in my own thoughts my mind circles around the fact that cold was a trigger for me after our accident, and it often sets my mind down a path I don’t want to relieve.

God is doing something good in my life and I recognize this the more I focus on him. He does give me strength and desires for me to thrive in my life where he has placed me.



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