Day 15 Unplugged

Today was the perfect day to go to the Corn Maze with my family. Diana’s Pumpkin Patch is such a great place to spend a day eating corn on the cob, caramel apples, climbing hay bales, and getting lost in a corn maze! The last time my family went to the maze my daughter was about two years old. This year a co-worker of mine invited us to go and so we spent the day as a family and with friends. It was a great way to begin the weekend.img_1886

Over the past couple weeks I have come into a rhythm of waking up about the same time each day and going to bed around the same time. I have slept better at night and wake feeling more rested. Today was a long day, but I felt like I had great energy. After we got home from the corn maze, we had dinner with some friends who I have been regularly praying with over the past few months. One thing I most enjoyed about today was spending it with friends in different contexts, and grow deeper in those relationships.

I have been fascinated by many pastor positions in various parts of the country, but never in my time of looking have I felt God telling us to go. I have felt like He has told me to be brave, and step out, but that has not come in the way of moving, at least not yet.

I am grateful for the friendships God has brought into my life and my family’s life. I feel truly blessed today to be with both friends and my family.



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