Day 16 Unplugged


I began my Sunday with a nice three mile walk from my house. I have been spending my morning walks, either talking with my friend in my cohort, listening to an IF:Gathering podcast, or talking with God. It has been a time of good listening and reflecting of how God is working in my life.

As I was walking I was thinking about the gifts God has given me, and the gifts friends have pointed out in me over the years that I didn’t see or didn’t embrace. This morning I was struck with the question, what would it look like to lead a group of women. Part of this question definitely came from my own excitement with the IF:Gathering studies, but the other part is my love of encouraging and teaching others. I have begun praying about leading such a group, and possibly stepping out in faith without having all the details of what this could look like. I have spoken with a few friends in the past about having a prayer group, and then recently a co-worker told me she would love to be a part of a women’s group or Bible Study. I also recognize that the mom’s group at my church no longer has anyone leading it and so it has faded away. I know there are women out there who are thirsting for something more, something deeper to enrich their lives. I know I often thirst for that. Please join me in prayer, and pray that my prayer grows from words and into action.


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