Day 17 Unplugged

Today I feel tired. It’s Monday, my least favorite day of the week because I have a meeting first thing ever Monday morning, and every Monday I wonder why I’m sitting there. My office environment has been a challenge for me for quite a while, and often I feel my stress and anxiety rise when I walk into my office. Note to self: if I recognize this, I need to make a change.

7715e7ea54a010649d68b3a7198a8920I have been praying for God to open a new door in ministry for me that I have yet to see an answer to that prayer, and I know God is listening. Hospice ministry is hard enough when you have a strong office environment, but it feels even more difficult when you don’t have a good office environment.

I am ready for a change to come, but I recognize I may be in my current context for a while. It’s this realization that also led me to this 30 days of unplugging. I may not be able to change my office environment, but I can change the ways I approach it. Unplugging has helped to strengthen my relationship with God, and get into some healthy habits so that I can keep my stress in check and hopefully bring a positive attitude into a difficult environment.

Every Monday I look forward to the next weekend. I hope one day to get in a place where I don’t live weekend to weekend, but that  I can thrive on all the days between the weekend as well as the weekend. I trust that in time God will get me to that place where I will not only thrive, but I will recognize I am thriving, and give Him thanks for each step in the journey that has gotten me to that place.


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