Day 19 Unplugged

I look forward to Wednesday mornings so much because it’s a time to walk with my friend during our weekly phone call. At 7:00 am, my day begins with a smile and often some laughter as we get caught up on our week.

Today was cold, but I bundled up and got myself up and out of my house. The brisk morning air awakens me and in some ways I find it so refreshing to my soul. It reminds me of when I would walk to school in the winter as a kid.

My favorite part of Wednesday morning is the time I spend praying with my friend, and then the time after we say good bye, and I continue on my walk in conversation with God. I feel like this spiritual discipline has made such a difference in my day.

I pray that this is a discipline that will stick with me through the many seasons of life. To be moving and praying, to be with God outside, and to be in accountability and fellowship has made a difference in this season of my life. I am grateful.



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