Day 21 Unplugged

How often do we stop to really think about the fact that we are people in whom God dwells in and delights in?

This month I have been learning to slow down and set aside the things that bring me distraction so I can truly be seeking God, listening for God to speak, and growing in my relationship with Him. I have learned that when I really focus my attention and my eyes on Him that all other things fall into place. That doesn’t mean things are perfect, it just means my outlook has been shaped differently.

God tells us to abide in Him, to rest in Him, to trust Him, and to lean into Him. He desires us to be in relationship with Him, and give our worries over to Him. He loves us so much and desires to be with us, He desires to be with me.

Many times God has waited on me, and waited for me to turn to Him. I think about how I feel when I desire to hear God’s voice speaking to me, and how I long to hear him at times in my life. It hurts when I feel like I can’t hear him, and I imagine He hurts when he doesn’t hear me speaking.

Why is it easier to listen to the world and what it has to say than it is to listen for God and what He has to say? I desire to hear God speak to me louder than the world. To allow my thoughts and my heart to be shaped by Him and what He tells me. I want to live into the fact that I am God’s beloved.

I hope my discipline of unplugging this month propels me forward into a deeper and richer relationship with God. One that maintains a constant conversation that withstands the ups and downs of life and the distractions that can get in the way. Daily I need to remember that God delights in me because I am one whom he dwells in.



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