Day 22 Unplugged

This weekend I have been on retreat with my Presbytery. It has been a blessing to grow in relationship with people I know and have done ministry together with for the past few years. This weekend I feel I have been able to go deeper in relationship with some people and begin to establish some deeper roots. I have had some amazing conversations with people, and have also had a good amount of time to be alone with God.

This weekend I had a conversation with one person who I was sharing my current ministry situation with. He then shared with me that when baby eagles are about to leave the nest, the mother eagle often takes out all the things in the nest that once made it comfortable. The mother bird in a way disturbs the birds so they will take flight. As I was listening to this, I was reminded that back in May when a friend was praying for me she had a vision of a baby eagle leaving the nest.

%d0%be%d1%80%d0%bb%d0%b0%d0%bdI feel like I am in a space where God is disturbing me to move in some direction and not stay where I’m simply “comfortable.” It’s time to fly, but I don’t quite know where I’m flying.


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