Day 24 Unplugged

It’s Monday again and back to the grind. Why is it that Monday rolls around every week and I feel like my brain is in a fog?  Today I totally felt like this rabbit!

Image result for rabbit falling asleep at desk gif

Thankfully my day didn’t stay this way. I eventually woke up in time for Taekwondo with my daughter. Today my son decided that he also wanted to join the Little Dragons class, but when we got there he was a little too nervous. Thankfully Master Glen said to bring him thirty minutes early next time so he can work with him 1:1 so that he can warm up to the fun and build some confidence before class begins. So hopefully next time he too will be in class. Although my husband is not taking taekwondo, it has been a great family time for all of us. My daughter continues to enjoy it, and I see how much her confidence has grown.

So even though I felt like this little rabbit above, I ended my day feeling like this

Image result for kung fu panda training gif


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