Day 25 Unplugged

Tonight my husband surprised me with a cello concert at the Oak and Axe Distillery . Unwinding with Bach, Britten, and Bourbon was exactly what I needed today… minus the bourbon since that’s too potent for me, but I highly recommend the apple cinnamon homemade soda!

Closing my eyes and listening to Bach reminded me of the days of my youth, when I frequented the the symphony, and was often surrounded by musicians and music lovers. I look back on those days with a fond nostalgia because then life seemed so carefree and joyful. Now I long for the moments I can escape the daily grind with a peaceful atmosphere and a date with my husband.

Tonight was the perfect night to unwind, walk hand in hand under the string of lights with my husband, with musical notes of Bach bouncing in my mind. 3aac3ec6d6c1357d56153c56557f01ea


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