Day 26 Unplugged

Wednesday mornings are my favorite because I begin with my weekly phone call with my friend. Sadly this Wednesday morning I was not able to walk because I strained my knee Monday night. So I sat in my basement on my chair with a cup of coffee. It was peaceful for being inside. I was struck by how dark it was outside, and I was reminded that the days are getting shorter, and my morning walks are being encroached upon by the winter darkness. Good thing it’s only a season. over-easy

Today after my phone call, I had breakfast with my coworker at my favorite place called Over Easy, they have the BEST gluten free pancakes!! I highly recommend the Fred’s Hawaiian pancakes, and the Cinnamon Swirl pancakes, with the Cure morning juice to wake up your pallet!

My weekly morning prayer times with my friends have honestly made a world of difference in my week, and the way I approach my work week. Yes, the work I do as a hospice chaplain can be mentally and emotionally exhausting at times, but my friends have helped me to take a new approach to my day, and remind me of the importance of seeking God first at the start of each day. You would think as a pastor I’d have that down, but I’m here to tell you, Pastors are not perfect and we too have seasons of struggle in our prayer lives.

I think that’s the beauty of friends. We all will struggle in our lives, it may be over different things, but when you feel too drained to pray yourself you have friends who can go before God on your behalf. I often tell my patients and their families that when they cannot pray, I am there to pray with them. God didn’t intend for us to be alone, or to always have the words to pray. Sometimes the simplest most powerful prayer is, “help me.”

I may be a talkative person and often have enough words to fill books, but there are still times that I find myself speechless. I’m grateful for friends to walk with me in life and talk to God in the moments I feel I cannot. We were created to be in community, and I love the community which God has surrounded me with.


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