Day 29 Unplugged


It’s the end of October and it’s still quite warm. I remember as a kid going trick or treating wearing my winter coat and sometimes snow boots. But today, I honestly could have worn a tank top, and maybe even shorts.

Today was pumpkin carving day in our house! My parents came for lunch, then we walked to the store for ice cream, and then began our pumpkin carving extravaganza. The kids loved taking out the “brains” of the pumpkins, probably more than the carving itself. My son enjoyed “chipping” away at the outside of his pumpkin with a spoon until he created a hole and said it was his one eyed pumpkin!  Thankfully we stuck the kids in a bath afterwards because they had pumpkin “brains” all over their arms, legs, and faces. They really got into their pumpkins… literally!

It’s the last Saturday of the month, and we only have two months left in the year. I know I say this every year, but where does the time go? Maybe as an adult time feels like it moves faster than when I was a child. I remember playing after school and feeling like I had all the time in the world. I wish I still had that feeling, although lately I feel like I have captured some of that time again.

This month I have been very intentional about coming home from work, and unplugging from my phone, and being more present with my family. I believe I have been successful with this! Sitting down to watch a cartoon with my kids, or read a book, play a game, or work on projects with my daughter for her girl scout badges, have helped to feel like time has slowed down, just a bit. Time with my kids will continue to change as they get older, and so I’m truly enjoying being in the moment with them now. I’m grateful that I challenged myself to unplug for 30 days, I have learned to better manage my time and be present with my family. I trust some of the practices I put into play this month will continue on in my life. I really don’t need to download any games back on my phone because I don’t want my attention to turn inward and focus on something that makes me zone out. I want to continue to be present, in the moment, with the people I love.



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