Day 30 Unplugged

Thirty days has come to an end, and I find myself wondering what I will do for another 30 days. When I reflect back over this month, it has not been the easiest. Completely unplugging from all electronics is pretty much impossible since so much of what I do for work and communication takes place with my phone, and text, and email. I wish I could shut it all off, but the reality is I cannot. Although I may not be able to unplug from all electronics, I have been reminded of the things I want to preserve in my life and the things I want my children to learn. Life does not take place all within the confines of a little phone. Talking with friends in person is better than sending them a text. People are important, and being present with people is important. When the phone alerts us to tell us we have a text, we don’t need to respond instantaneously with urgency, the text will still be there after you finish your dinner!telephone-original-neon-lumineux-ou-led-cadeau

I do miss the days as a kid when I would come home and have a message written on a post it note for me that, “(your friend) called and you need to call her back.” When I left my house, I left my phone attached to the cord and plugged into the wall. I remember the first time I got a cell phone how excited I was, until it rang so much (and I didn’t know how to send a call to voice mail) that I didn’t want to be tracked down. Creating space in life is important and we don’t need to live on the short leash attached to the phone we carry in our pockets.

It’s funny to think that my childhood days are now thought to be filled with “vintage” items. When I looked for a picture of the phone I had as a kid (picture above), I found an add that called it a “vintage” phone. Haha!! That’s hilarious!!

There is a time and a place for the use of advanced electronics in our lives. Phones are no longer phones… they are smart… they are little tiny computers that allow us the ability to do so many things. But like anything, I do believe having such smart little phones can be a danger to our social lives and the ways we interact with other people.

After today, I will continue to find the places in my life that I need to simplify, and I will continue to be more intentional about living a life focused on the people I am with in the moment, and seeking God in the midst of a very plugged in society.

As I write this post, I think of my patient that is 102 years old. She has talked to me about riding in covered wagons, the first time she had electricity in her home, and her memories of the first phone she had in her house, it was the type that you picked up and got an operator to connect your call. The world has changed so much, and it will continue to change with all the advancements we make. We may never go backwards, but we can always unplug, even if only for a short time.


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