Thankful Project


After completing 30 days unplugged, I began to wonder what I could write about next. I had a lot of ideas come to my mind, but nothing that sounded really exciting. Then I received an email from my Spiritual Formation leader inviting us to enter into a time of gratitude. Then of course with this being November, I thought well it’s the month of gratitude so why not focus on gratitude.

At the end of 2010, A friend of mine began his journey in what he named the Thankful Project. Each day for 365 days he tweeted one thing he was thankful for, and it had to be something different. He said that this practice of finding one thing in each day turned into a lifestyle of focused on gratitude and therefore he was able to see more clearly where God was present in the the goodness around him.

I have decided to enter into my own Thankful Project, although I’m going to start with 30 days. I have been told that if you do something for two weeks straight it becomes habit, after unplugging for 30 days, I would agree that I have developed some good habits of setting aside my distractions to be present with my family. Unplugging was the best things I could have done.

I’m excited to see how 30 days of thankfulness will shape me so that my mind sees God’s goodness in all things, everyday, and not just when something good happens in my life.


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