Thankful Project Day 10

Day 10: Thankful for my son

This is my super sweet caring, compassionate, adventurous, and imaginative boy! I am so thankful for the ways he constantly brings joy into my heart, and into our house. I love listening to the stories he creates when he’s chasing Yo-Kai, or searching for energems around the house. I love when I hear the giggles that fill the house with he and his sister are playing chase around the house. Oh and did I mention how this kid loves is Ninja shoes? Those are the shoes pictured above and to the left. Yes, he calls them his ninja shoes because they make him a better ninja. When we went to the store to pick out some shoes I grabbed this pair in one size a little too small, and my son said, “nope those are not ninja shoes mom.” So I grabbed the same pair in a different size, he inspected them, tried them on, and said, “yep these are ninja shoes.”


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