On the waters of my life

Sunset SUP 

Adrift on the waters of my life

I feel the warmth of the sun as it touches down upon my skin.

The waves have past and a stillness settles on the surface.

Silence surrounds me and I begin to flirt with the water.

Wanting to jump in, I hesitate for fear of the cold.

Breathing deeply, I pause, close my eyes and imagine the freedom of letting go and giving into the water.

I feel the waters invitation calling me to “come.”

With a deep breath, I open my eyes and jump feet first into the icy water.

The shock of the water causes me to expell the breath of air in my lungs as I kick my way to the surface.

Hanging on the side of my paddle board, I feel my heart pounding and my chest tightening as the chill awakens all the senses in my body.

Climbing back onto my board, I sit back, and take in the beauty of my surroundings.

The waters once again settle beneath me, and I smile with joy feeling refreshed, awakened, and alive.


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