Thankful Project Day 25

I look forward to the day after Thanksgiving every year! Not because of black Friday sales, but because this is the day that my family decorates for Christmas. We have a tradition of listening to Christmas music in the morning while decorating our tree. I love that the kids are old enough to be excited and participate in the traditions we have started as a family. I hope that the traditions we establish will be something that sticks with my kids forever, whether it’s continuing the traditions or treasuring the memories.

Day 25: Thankful for decorating the Christmas tree

Thankful Project Day 24

Today I’m thankful to spend Thanksgiving at my parents home. Last January they moved from New Mexico to Colorado, and it has been a blessing to have them close by. Today the kids enjoyed a day at the grandparents, we ate a wonderful meal, and even made jewelry! My parents had some friend come visit from New Mexico and brought their granddaughters with them. My daughter enjoyed having some older girls to play with and she learned some cheer leading skills in the backyard!

Thankful Project Day 19

9This is the third year in a row that I have had the opportunity to participate in a fundraiser for JDRF¬†and raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes. My friend’s son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes a few years ago, and JDRF has done some amazing research and made incredible advances toward ending Type 1 Diabetes! I’m thankful to be a part of fundraising for an organization that is helping to make a difference in the lives of children and adults with T1D!

Day 19: Thankful for participating in fundraisers for T1D research